Spring Post/ Reboundble delineator

made of special strong flexible UV protected ply-urethane mateiral. It reduces road accidents by providing an davnce warning. Its excellent rebound-ability quickly restores its original state without any damage to the vechile as well as spring post.

  • Made of strong flexible UV protected PU
  • Single piece, No joint for greater durability
  • Three reflective bands
  • Extremely high quality of reflecting of sheeting used very durable


  • Centre Lan Division
  • Dangerous U-Turns
  • Dangerous Medians
  • Construction Zones
  • No-Entry Zones
  • Multi Lanes
  • Centre Verge
  • Sharp Curves
  • Parking Lots
  • Highways
  • T-Zones

Available in 3 sizes

RSSP – 450 (450 x 80 x 200mm)

RSSP – 600 (600 x 80 x 200mm)

RSSP – 750 (750 x 80 x 200mm)

Installing Procedure
Clean the area where spring post is to be installed.Mark the Nail Points. Grout the holes & clean the surface again.
Mix Epoxy & Hardner in proper ratio & pour in the holes made. Place the spring & fix the bolts with hammer.


The delineators are suitable for all kinds of roads. Their reflectors give best reflective performance to show the road geometry during day and night making it convenient for drivers ad keep them away from road hazards. These result in avoidance of accidents.


  • Dangerous Curves
  • Central Verge
  • Traffic Island
  • Tunnels/ Bridges
  • Road Medians

The Delineators are available in different fittings/ sizes for different purposes