safety jacketsReflective safety jackets / cross belts

Available in fluorescent Orange / Green. yellow colour fabric. using reflecting tape/ reflective fabric / mirco prismatic PVC tape/ Heat transfer. Choice of Velcro, button or chain for front locking, logos, at front or back (printed or reflective)

  • Reflective film/ Tape
  • Reflective Heat Transfer film / tape
  • Glodian tape
  • Flooring Marking Tapes
  • Hazard marking tapes

floor marking tape


Barricading tape/ PVC Caution Tape/ PP Caution Tape

  1. Quick & effective way to highlight dangerous areas
  2. Strong highly visible
  3. Also available – Reflective Fabric /tape

barricading tape


Traffic Control LED Light BatonsTraffic control led light batons

Traffic light batons are battery operated, light weight, safety devices, made of ABS and extruded poly carbonate material. these help in controlling traffic during night time. its blinking led’s emit a highly visible signal from very far distance to the motorists. two way switch is provided for blinking & static light.



  • Traffic police
  • Army & security forces
  • Airport traffic personal
  • Emergency services and firefighters
  • Highway patrol
  • Parking guide
  • Construction sites

Magnetic led baton
Portable (small) magnetic high brightness led baton

Magnetic LED Baton