Road star solar powered road safety products

solar safety productsIntroducing new range of solar energy / solar powered to bring safety on the road to save lives of human beings as well as save electricity.

  • The super bright flashing led’s help vehicle drivers to gague the distance of approach well in time and avert a disaster especially in bad conditions of weather.
  • These products draw energy from the sunlight and are absolutely maintenance free.
  • These blinkers/ flashers/delineators are installed at critical. accident prone spots like blind turns, flyover, crossing, junction, cave/tunnel, speed breaker etc.
  • Solar delineators – work in two ways – active & passive both – active while flashing and also it has retro reflective coloured bands of sheeting which reflects when the motorist beam light fall on it.

solar delineator

Solar Traffic Blinker / Flasher

solar traffic blinker flasher