Modular Speed Breakers/ Rumbler

Mode of sturdy plastic (ABS), these bumps offer high resistance to serve impacts. The interlocking grip design allows it to behave like on single bump. The pre-coloured materials (Black & Yellow) and UV Stabilizers result in permanent colours which does not fade easily. Acrylic Reflectors fixed on front & back help in identifying the location of the speed breaker from a large distance.


speed breakers

GSB-50 500 x 450 x 50mm
GSB-75 500x450x 75mm



speed breaker 2

GP 1005
250 x 350 x 50mm



speed breaker 3

gp 1001
500 x 425 x 75mm



speed breaker 4

GP 1001
250 x 750 x 75 mm


speed breaker size

  1. Available in black and yellow combination fro greater visibility
  2. Pre coloured material
  3. Does not require repainting
  4. Instant installation with application of
  5. Epoxy and spikes for anchoring
  6. All segments can be purchased separately
  7. Comes with a standard skid resistant base
  8. UV, moisture and temperature resistant
  9. Modular design provides flexibility to suit any size of road

speed breaker 6

Parking Lot Solutions
Rubberised Corner Guard / Buffer

parking lot solution


Rubberised car parking stopper / block
L – 500 mm H – 100 mm
B – 125 mm Weight – 4.8 kg

 rubberised car parking stopper