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Whats Is Road Delineators ?

The Light Reflecting Devices which are mounted along the side of roadway in primarily series to guide traffic through alignment changes are called Road Delineators. These devices can be used to supplement other signs and are designed to “delineate” traffic or guide traffic into a specific lane.

Designs of Road Delineators
In the Market, You can find the different height of Road Delineators with their different colors choices. Road Delineators should be mounted 4 feet above the roadway and placed 2 to 8 feet outside the shoulder or road edge. There are two types designs of Road Delineators 1. Tubular Road Delineators 2. Flat Panel Road Delineators. Mostly all delineators are designed to withstand vehicular impacts. All categories of delineator come with reflective taping. The reflective tapes may be installed on one side or both sides.

Installation of Road Delineators
Distance from the road edge and between devices should remain constant unless existing obstructions or road features prohibit this placement. Several road delineators should always be visible simultaneously to motorists. Trial observations should be made at night to determine effectiveness of delineators after installation.

Benefits of Road Delineators
Peoples Know that Road Delineators help as a guide pedestrains and motorists alike around construction areas or even accidents. Using a delineator is an effective way to safely redirect traffic away from potentially harmful situations.

Road Delineators Manufacturers
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